iPSM Service – Integrate After-Sale Management, is an integrated system which permits to maximise, monitor and handle all flows and communication taking place between the Company, Agencies or Local Branches, Distributors,
Points of Sale (PoS), Technical Assistance Centres (TACs) and the Final Customer.

Information Flows turn into Services

iPSM method is born from the direct experience MeTMi has developed in over 30 years managing Pre/After-Sale procedures as well as Customer Care processes for all its clients: major producers of consumer electronics, heating systems and sanitary fittigs, automotive, furniture, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and much else.

It provides Business Partners with proceedings, applications and resources intended to simplify and accelerate data exchange, as well as their availability and use.

Basically, it enables the Client to manage orders, in addition to providing pre/after-sale services.

i.PSM – outsourced by Voice&Web, brings economic benefits to the Contractor, such as:

  • Anticipated and secured operating budget
  • Monitoring of corporate KPIs (thanks to on-line Dashboards)
  • Flexibility and responsive sizing to business realities (varying resources in line with periods)
  • Direct and unambiguous supervision of communication flows among all the actors involved (PoS, Agencies or Local Branches, TACs, Users)

The iPMS service is made up of modules that can easily be integrated according to corporate needs and requirements.

iGO – Orders Management

It provides management service and full control of all orders arriving from the network of PoS and local branches:

  • Loading of order
  • Verification of the technical adequacy of the order
  • Check of the discount table
  • Handling of discrepancy between ordered and delivered goods
  • Handling of commodity transport and delivery problems (delays and breakage detected at delivery point)

iDC – Commercial Provisioning

It implements merchandising within the network of PoS, thus supporting the Company at all stages:

  • Acquisition of the required products to be displayed at the Points of Sale
  • Forwarding, by the warehouse, of supply orders pertaining to commercial provisioning to all Points of Sale
  • Technical fittings of the product at Points of Sale (nationwide through our affiliate Ky-So for the electrical and plumbing segment)
  • Handling of transport and delivery problems (delays and breakage)
  • Platform and CRM database maintenance/updating through information on the fittings performed.

iGI – Warranty Work

It provides a service of gathering, monitoring and reporting all technical assistance actions:

  • Gathering of all calls for assistance by End-User or Trade
  • Verification of the warranty period
  • Pre-screening action (product type and action)
  • Potential handling of direct product substitution
  • First-class technical support (15% First Call Resolution)
  • Ticket opening on CRM and submission to the TAC
  • Verification of the action within 3/5 days and eventual reminder
  • Closure of measures and entry of all material on CRM
  • Reporting of actions and sending of notes for invoicing
  • Monitoring of all replacement parts sent and used by the TAC

iQS – Quality Survey

A survey aimed at detecting Customer degree of satisfaction in order to verify how corporate image is perceived and investigate areas of excellence/concern in the technical assistance structure:

  • Setting of survey targets and interview questionnaire
  • A panel of users interviewed for each TAC
  • Production of a technical report, nationwide and for every TAC, to be used in order to implement local efforts for training and improving the service offered.

Areas of cost-cutting / optimisation: Case Study

Broadly speaking, maximisation of Pre/After Sale organisational processes as well as of Customer Care through i.PSM system, allows our Contractors for:

  • 37% savings of human resources, in terms of time/man
  • 13% reduction of investigating technical measures carried out by a TAC
  • 15% drop of actual technical actions through FCR (First Call Resolution) increase.

Such benefits, observed thanks to iPSM integrated system, have enabled an internal structure – normally costing EUR 1.000.000,00 – to manage both Customer Care and After-Sales and to save 29%, equal to EUR 290.000,00, largely covering for the outsourcing costs incurred.