Loyalty Engine – Customer Retention


Loyalty Engine is a platform capable of designing, implementing and handling campaigns to secure the loyalty of occupational customers (craftsmen, retailers, practitioners, etc.) to corporate brands.

The platform runs the Customer loyalty programme in the light of specific criteria set out by the Contractor.

Its action and progress shall focus on the information about purchasing acts taking place within distribution/ trade channels of the Contractor (dealers, wholesalers, specialised stores, etc.).

Operationally, the programme is built according to the following steps:

  • The Contractor shall indicate products selling at promotional prices, lay down points to be assigned for each type of purchase, determine the prize catalogue and provide Voice&Web with the client directory where it has to be sent by e-mail
  • The Trade purchase the products through their customary distribution channels (dealers, wholesalers, specialised stores), thus collecting the related points/benefits as specified
  • Voice&Web’s Loyalty Engine platform, thanks to its infrastructure and to its software, “traps”, elaborates and submits to the Contractor the information gathered.

Voice & Web expands the Trade target through planned call-mkt activities and interventions both on the web in general and on social networks

Demographic selection and diversification shall be made by integrating the Contractor’s Databases with the Databases of all Censuses relevant to the intervention area (Garages, Coachbuilders, Pharmacies, Electricians and Plumbers, Hairdressers, Cake Shops, Bakeries, Opticians, Hotels) thus allowing the Contractor to reach new propects and new customers.

Hence, thanks to the Loyalty Engine platform, loyalty campaigns are planned and thus organised:

  • SEM (Searching Engine Marketing) into search engines
  • DEM (Direct E-Mail Marketing) to capture the Target’s attention in a personalized manner
  • Landing Page to give exhaustive information and to extend participation in the Loyalty programme
  • Telephone contacts in order to facilite the conversion of all Customers reaching the landing page
  • Possible creation, production and dissemination of printed material among distributors.

Voice&Web controls the flow of information

Through the configuration of CRM platform to handle the campaign and its integration with the Loyal Engine platform, we succeed in formulating and managing the campaign, which amongst others includes the creation of prize catalogue as well as support in fulfilling the required ministerial practice.

Therefore, the Trade’s Loyalty Program ensures:

  • Registration of the consumer to point collection
  • Consultation of prize Catalogue
  • Capture of Customer purchases with related supporting documents
  • Access to one’s own cumulative-prize account
  • Selection and order of prizes
  • Possible creation af Apps to access the platform from smartphones

Client support by Voice & Web

Such a system provides intensive and continuous support to Program members:

  • Back office for all entry procedures, point accumulation, account balance, forwarding of information, sorting of requests
  • Requests of earned gifts by the Customer through LPS platform or Contact Center
  • Management of prize stock, packaging and prize delivery to the consignee, by prior phone call and issuing of the related delivery documentation
  • Management of waivers, withdrawal rights and substitution for prize faultiness.