Voice & Web: Internal Staff as a Company Value and Quality Project Management Assurance


Organisational Structure: since its birth, Voice&Web has only and exclusively availed itself of direct, employed staff, living in the nations from which it provides its services for B2C (Headquarters in Italy, Spain and Austria).

This feature best ensures:

  • In-service and constant training of the personnel on each individual project
  • Highly professional service delivery
  • Preservation of know-how gained over time
  • Enhancement of best practices implemented while developing and handling the various tackled cases.

The Organisational Structure consists of in-house personnel with specific skill areas:

  1. The Client Account, in order to assist and promptly respond to requests by the Contractor (Briefing-Debriefing, Analysis of Targets, Critical Issues, Strategies, Solutions);
  2. Information Technology Staff, to ensure data/system security and continuity (setting up and development of CMS Platforms, Database Management, Development of CRM Environments);
  3. Room Managers and Project Team Leaders, to handle various case histories according to different levels of experience and responsibility (entrustment of the project to the team, detailed planning of activities to be performed, quality check of the service provided);
  4. Digital Marketing and Web Design specialists, to implement on-line campaigns combined with Contact Center procedures (project and design creativity, visual, customized forms and layouts; definition of strategies, channels and tools for Digital Marketing; implementation of social campaigns and digital activities).