VoiceAndWeb-Quality Survey-Costumer Satifaction

Quality Survey is an effective tool to measure and verify the Customer Satisfaction after using the services of Technical Assistance Centers (TAC).

PQS – Picture Quality Survey – Objectives

To launch a Picture Quality Survey means to detect levels of satisfaction of sample-selected Customers using service centres, by investigating the following areas:

  • Ease to locate and contact the TAC
  • Courtesy shown by the staff at the TAC
  • Promptness of the TAC
  • Technical expertise of the TAC
  • Overall image of the Service and the Brand

PQS: Model and Technology – Picture Quality Survey

It employs a work pattern integrated with a proprietary software technology, experieced through the years, which includes:

  • A telephone survey conducted, for each TAC, on a panel of consumers having used the technical service over the last 6 months
  • Processing of the gathered data and production of a National Report
  • Drawing up of a Record for every single TAC by comparing data with domestic services.

The artificially intelligent QS – Quality Survey – software, processing and drawing up the above reports, correlates the data obtained with those of the preceding period and automatically provides analysis and remarks on KPI (Key Performance Indicator) variations.

Reporting and Benefits

Reports automatically generated by PQS – Picture Quality Survey – system contain information and data which provide a general Overlook on the Service, by comparing performance of each individual TAC to average values.

Reports are a regular instrument for self-analysis, helpful both for the Company and for the TAC, since they allow to figure out:

  • Areas where technical assistance needs to be consolidated
  • Critical elements and grounds for service improvement
  • Identification of training needs / further training of technicians
  • Occurrence of any problems with products