The Select Dashboard as a Tool of Business Intelligence


Dashboards are Business Intelligence tools which most advanced Companies have included over the years in their monitoring processes of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) factors, among the most relevant features in any management.

Voice&Web uses Select Dashboard, expressively designed to enable the Client to keep real-time track of the progress of all activities performed by Contact Centers (in Italy, Spain, Austria).

Through prompt and dynamic graphics (Data Visualization), management essentials are presented: Inbound-Outbound calls; Hold time; missed Calls; Runtime; Project trend over time; amount of operated e-mails; types of actions; classification by product; geographical distribution of requests.

Real-time monitoring of a Customer Care project is for the Brand a significant and predictive instrument of managerial efficiency, identification and tracking of trends, budgeting, planning, integration of data, for a better strategic vision and forecasting of steps to be taken.

The Select Dashboard is customizable: by selecting key data points (relevant data for the project), you can formulate specific queries and set up Taylor-Made reports.