Evolution of the Technological Structure for a Better Consumer Experience

VoiceAndWeb-Technological structure-Inbound-Outbound

Voice&Web is investing a large budget annually for the acquisition and development of new Technological Infrastructures, placing itself among the most advanced positions in the market of CRM service providers, Customer Care Services, Customer Satisfaction, for B2C.

Every european headquarter (Italy, Spain, Austria) is equipped with autonomous and uniform Data Warehouse, interconnected between them through fiber-optic cables, in a Cluster Server configuration (procedures and data replication) as to cope with criticality and ensure service business continuity in any situation.

The phone infrastructure is achieved through Avaya installations, connencted together using Voip technology, equipped with ACD (Automatic Call Dispatcher) function, IVR (Interactive Voice Responder) System, CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) Link and Wallboard (RUN TIME Solution).

For every single project, a dedicated Skill Based Routing software allows incoming calls to be targeted towards the most appropriate operator, based on specific criteria: technical training, experience, briefing level, knowledge of languages, and much else.

Inbound and outbound telematic posts are state-of-the-art, with CMS (Content Management System) Software, Data Repository, Co-Browsing, Web Chat and Video Chat. Voice&Web’s CMS (Synthesys) interfaces in a custom and flexible way with administrative and management platforms of Contractors (for instance: Salesforce, CNSO for Sale, SAP).

How to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

In order to enhance the positive experience of Customers calling the Inbound Contact Center service, a CLI (Call Line Identification) is present, a system allowing the identification of callers through their phone numbers.

This kind of technology boosts the service level of quality in terms of:

  • Call history
  • Accuracy of the replies given
  • Tracing
  • Call-back
  • Accuracy of reporting

The Inbound Contact Center service may be granted even through Telephone Helplines, which shall facilitate the relationship among the Brand and Customers.

Helplines can be published on Companies eCommerce pages, business websites and on advertising campaigns.