Multilingual Contact Center: the Best Communication Service Between You and Your Customers


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The Customer Care Center is a highly structured Contact Center Inbound service, tailored on the imperatives of the end user as well as on the Company, in order to enhance the connection between the two.

Such a service is today even more of a necessity to complement Pre-Sale processes, in the After-Sales and mostly in eCommerce Businesses.

Customer Experience: an asset for the Brand and the Company

Both in B2C and in B2B sector, consumers and customers form a community through wich a Company may achieve a greater awareness and an increased control capacity on its Market, on condition of course it activates and implements communication channels with it.

To achieve this result, it is vital to monitor and best manage Corporate Touch Points (contact points connecting the consumer to the Brand, also called Inbound Services), that can be: internet and social platforms, 800 numbers, IVR, web chats, eMail, blogs, events and community-based groups.

Inboud Services, besides offering specific solutions to common customer needs and requests, should be the first to highlight market trends and above all to collect relevant information for the Company, by storing it immediately inside properly structured and well-designed containers (Corporate CRM platforms and Big Data).

Such services play an active part in handling Brand Reputation and can only be implemented through the support of suited staff with appropriate skills and specialists in the use of CRM and digital tools.

Such activities must on no account be outsourced nor entrusted to unprepared operators and technicians.

Go Global and Answer Local.

Different cultures have different expectations: the reason to outsource the Contact Center and give the best Customer Care experience to your Customers

The Contact Center, but within the framework of automated services, still proves a strategical common ground between the Brand and the Customer (much appreciated especially by the latter).

It is a fact all Businesses definitely need to:

  • Satisfy clients’ interest towards their products, providing them with detailed information about technical features, delivered services, uniqueness and exclusiveness of supply, advantages and promotion in progress
  • Guide the consumer towards the best purchase experience (Customer Journey), by suggesting the most appropriate channels to reach the Brand – offline / online
  • Publicise all the available Touch Points (the nearest Points of Sale and technical Assistance Centres)
  • Complement the corporate Website with a service available on a 800 number, via e-mail and chat, through which the Consumers may orientate their requests and get targeted solutions.
Go Global and Answer Local. Different cultures have different expectations: the reason to outsource the Contact Center and give the best Customer Care experience to your Customers #BusinessStrategy #CustomerExperience #CX #Inbound Click To Tweet

Why is it better to locate a Contact Center in the Country of your Business interest?

Although Companies are standardising as much as possible their products and processes as to have one Overall Market or Global Market, still their sales and aftermarket organisations, operating instead in the context of a specific territory, need to interface with a population which often has distinctly local features and habits, in terms of: environment, climate, schedule, language, tastes, customs, occurrences and more.

For this very reason, while respecting corporate parameters globally, consumer-oriented Touch Points shall be customised to each country and geographically close to users.

For instance, users immediately perceive when the operator of a Contact Center, despite speaking their language, is answering from a place far away from their own country.

The advantages of a multilingual Inbound Contact Center

Voice&Web is the multilingual Inbound Contact Center which responds in Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French and English, but directly from the countries of interest (Italy, Spain, Austria, France, England).

The advantages of such a model of Contact Center are:

  1. Consumers talk to a mother tongue phone operator, who is located in their country or in one of proximity
  2. The Contractor has a single provider for all the nations of interest, with only one technological platform, a standard reporting and the opportunity to define a framework agreement, laying down equal terms and SLAs.

How we do ensure high quality Service

Voice&Web Inbound Contact Center shall provide direct and highly qualified staff, as well as state-of-the-art technological tools, to ensure the Consumers live a positive experience from the very moment they get in touch with the Brand, whether this contact is done by phone, through a 800 number, or else via any digital media (e-mail, social network or Skype).

The first real contact with the Brand becomes for the Consumer an experience he or she recalls later on, thus shaping the relationship with it in the future.

Voice&Web Custormer Care Center is in a position to:

  • Welcome Customer’s requests
  • Orchestrate and handle them through a CRM Platform
  • Activate guarantees and on-line tehnical help desk
  • Carry out technical pre-diagnosis on the phone, then submit to the Consumer both documentation and referrals (N.B. In 70% of all cases, requests are to be traced back to standard case studies)
  • Implement technical measures and/or interventions by specialists (ticket opening).

The advantage for the Brand on having a single reference in CRM-activity services and Customer Relationship Management Services for B2C, is a guarantee that each and every request is handled in the whole, from the moment it is made through to the end.

The importance of integrating different platforms

Voice&Web is integrated and operates with several technology platforms:

  • Desktop Mapping (geo-marketing sofware) – On-line tool for regional planning of data sheets relating to Points of Sale, Help Centres and, for the Contractor, Direct Customers and Clients
  • Synthesys (Contact Management System) – To organise and handle any relevant information that ensures Client profiling, and especially sensitive data (in accord with data Privacy) such as views and considerations, any problem or complaint, as well as attitudes of potential buyers (i.e. willingness to make purchases or to repurchase)
  • Customized Dashboard – To monitor in detail and in real time all the work carried out by the Contact Center and then share with the Contractor: Key Performance Indicator, telephone call patterns and categories of contacts / requests collected and compiled by the Contact Center
  • Skype Contact Center – Users may get in touch with the Contact Center by clicking directly on the Skype ID situated on the Contractor’s official website: an operator will promptly answer on video connection, prepared to give immediate assistance and support.