Voice&Web: The Contact Center that handles all After-Sale Services for B2C


Voice&Web is MeTMI Business Unit that for over 20 years has been carrying out CRM activities, by developing and sustaining direct communication with Contractors’ Customers – Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction Services, Customer Relationship Management for B2C and B2B.

The first value of such a service is a significant capacity to listen and dialogue: understand Customers’ needs; collect and provide information; ensure that all occasions the Customer interfaces with the Brand become a positive and effective experience; deliver customized assistance; provide answers and technical solutions with competence.

The second value of the department is the ability to handle problems and complex operational processes and lead to a solution the largest number of Customers’ requests: opening and handling of support tickets and implementation of ad-hoc platforms.

Voice&Web has the opportunity to provide a multilingual relation service with the customer:

  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • English

by using the Operating Headquarters located in Arese (I), Barcelona (E), Klagenfurt (A), Lyon (F 2019).

Voice&Web is a service capable of handling in a professional manner the whole Customer Care process, both at Pre-Sale and After-sale stage, through Inbound and Outbound Contact Center activities done by telephone, on Social Networks and customized e-mail communication.

Organisational and technological patterns provided by Voice&Web are the furthest ahead and, while respecting individual privacy, make it possible to profile all interlocutors and promptly provide them with new touch points to get the answers they need.